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My software

Classifying software is not easy. I'm trying to give a clear list of the software used here

Depending on the task, the range of usable software is often tied to a specific operating system. Therefore I give the corresponding platform.


  • Management - iTunes (Windows/Mac) - iTunes is required when using smartphones and tablets under IOS. This „tool“ may have its weaknesses and pitfalls, especially in detail, but it is suitable for managing a music and audio book library
  • Tags - title, artist etc. I manage with MP3TAG - this program offers a variety of options including a function library
  • Playback on the PC - VLC, the all-rounder among the playback programs
  • Ripping - Itunes or better CDEX. Depending on the task (simple or complex), I decide which tool to use


I have to say in advance that I subscribe to my audio books from Audible and due to copy protection I am forced to protect my acquired property by converting it into MP3 format. The software previously used had the disadvantage that the process only worked manually, i.e. only one audio book could be converted at a time. I have therefore created a small Python program that uses the download directory of the Audible app (from Windows 10) as input and converts all the audio books there in one go. This also simplifies follow-up with MP3Tag. If you are interested, the program can be downloaded from Gitlab. Python can be installed from the Microsoft Store.
The reverse direction, i.e. from MP3 to M4B, can also be done in this way, the whole thing can be downloaded here.



  • For Windows I use SyncBackSE. However, the free version also meets the needs of most home users.
  • There is no alternative on the Mac - the integrated „TimeMachine“ is the tool of choice.


  • Wireguard is used for networking outside of my apartment.
  • As always, you can find configuration help at GitLab
  • Both the name service (DNS) and the central ad blocker are implemented with PiHole. More about both programs in the HowTos.

Linux admin/Scripting

* This is where MobaXterm comes into play as a new addition. Installation and configuration are described in the corresponding how-to

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